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because you never forget your First

Random Poetix

Subway’s down there
Hear it comin’
Just been mugged
Suspect runnin’

Don’t know why
I was beat up
Kicked my cane
Stole my cup

Got no money now
Can’t buy booze
Got no future
Got no shoes

Make me want
to kill somebody
Mold they bones
like Silly Puddy

If I’m caught
I might confess
Go to jail
Kill da rest


by Jeff Glovsky

inspired by

(Unfinished) Business, by Jeff Glovsky, Poetry, Works in Progress

Quick Ones (While She’s Away)

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doodles and sketches

In the least green, meanest

streets of the city, trees

preen, praying for


I remember the hugs I

used to give her;


the love

we would shudder and

be in

Still feel

the warmth of

her body and sighs;

still drown, when

I tap my mind’s eye, in

her eyes

Together is how I still wish

to remain

with, inside, her.


is unbearable


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by Jeff Glovsky
by Jeff Glovsky, Poetry, Writing

Doodlin’ the New Year

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This Happy Nu Year

* * *

I’ll start it!  I’ll start the dance!

… then you come in with a line or two and we keep it going:  I’ll choose three (3) lines from your submissions to my three (3) poetry doodles below, in January.

At the end of January, I’ll post the nine (9) lines that I select … your best lines, which best seem to flow and complement each set of my words, my lines, below … and then you can vote to help us build …

(y)our new poems.

Alles klar?  Alles gute!

doodle, doodle #1)

certitudes, loud ‘certainties’,

across love covered, self-righteous

breakfast tables

what’s the next line, Jaspar?


I’ve woke up broke


but not broken

… Yo!  help me out, yo


In the slice knife that is

A.M., I cut through

to get my things done

Where am I?  Anyway?

* * *

Send me your orphans — your left lines and Good Ones — or new lines and images you conjure, to complement my three (3) poetical doodlings, above …


Always be a poet, even in prose.

– Charles Baudelaire

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by Jeff Glovsky
by Jeff Glovsky, Poetry, Writing

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PoloJPGRandom Poetix from

Let's Make Babies in 2 0 1 5
Whore Touches Self

( À Charles )

Whore touches self
on parts infected with
stains of old lovers,
vile caresses…

Moldy lips cleft,
shriveled flesh,
try to smile;
parted thighs repel,
sadness, sickness, deep inside.

Whore touches self now,
applying youth magic…
remembering long agos,
drying dimmed holes


Blonde — whiskey-laughing,
nicotine husk and
drunken smile (out of head!)
invites me to a moistened world…

Affirms me and accepts me there;
aroused appraisal,
more to share,
firm curves! And ripened
testament to sin:

Begin with nape,
atingling down to
ridges, bold and true;
still down further,
apple bounty: Pointed,
ripe and two.

From there, we ride
the delta plain
(it’s there where stains are common oopses… !)
Flaring fortress down below
surrounds the place
I want to go…

Yearning long-ways,
smiling pinkly,
inside deep, recurring
nightly in my head,
the chance to bed blonde
Alison, all in
virgin blue and
red from heat
beneath the neon…

Moon and Jazz Blue drift Manhattan.
Mornings out and up
with tea and
thoughts of lustful
revelry, and

But not with me.

Hot Nude Fish

Hot nude fish, you know
who you’re, yeah
you, who hotly flop, who
heated, heed the sounds I make
while hinting (hotly)
toward your hed’nist

Spent, flopping!
heat and fish-like, scent
of learning, seed
of Life up in you


Hot Nude Fish!
what makes me
vast blue days less

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Always be a poet, even in prose.

– Charles Baudelaire