Jeff Glovsky – Random Poetix

Always be a poet, even in prose.


Whore touches self
on parts infected with
stains of old lovers,
vile caresses…

Moldy lips cleft,
shriveled flesh,
try to smile;
parted thighs repel,
sadness, sickness, deep inside.

Whore touches self now,
applying youth magic …
remembering long agos,
drying dimmed holes

Prose Poems:  Slice / Life (annoyances, episodes)

after reading some of your ‘poetry’ on the internet, I think you should be institutionalized

Violent, Wanting
A violent whore at
6 AM accosts
me on
West Broadway

She screams
"I know you!"
and "You be mine!"
and "We can get together!"

She is big (goo goo
g'joob), this whore and
like I say

me.  I toss
down the deli
bag I'm traipsing
up the street with.  Put my

dukes up, daisy chain
on giving

me a
look like I
might storm here.  Still,
I, fearful, give it up and
run, this violent whore
behind me.  At
West 4th Street,
we pop in

for breakfast
(coffee, scones,
hot buttered toast)
...A host of information

laced with
from Betsy's lips:
stock tips and racing anecdotes,

a quote from Nipsy
Russell...Then a-
like a sewer
drain burps
up to wet
our whispers.

And we whistle down
West Broadway,
violent wanting
in the

@Medium: New York is Homelessa photo poem

Sweet Melissa:  “Ripe, Delicious

War Drops

Rain is Hell.
War is Hell.
Is Rain War?

Rain of bullets
flooding blood, it’s
pouring tears out,
Thunder strikes:
A crackling death.
A Death of God,

Rain and War
are Hell.

Rain’s near…

Five Eastern Time

Wind from the East when the sky turns blue.
There’s not much left, but I’ll give it to you…

It’s my heart and my throat and this breeze swirling brightly.
It’s dreams that I sing of and fade away nightly…

She walks with great turbulence, smiles with ease;
she lost, spinning gently, you down on your knees…

There are worlds beyond towers, a pride in the sky;
there’s a fear and a hatred we’re all going to die.

Dying lights…Blink and sway out like smiles in canyons.
Trees wist of warnings with reckless abandon.

Madonnas collapse here and laugh at our wond’ring
The streets take a nap here as daylight comes thund’ring.

…Haze lifted now, I see nothing as clearly:
Dawn brings a vision, and peace I love dearly…