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unfinished / unready / unpublished short fiction
= Wor(d)s in Progress & Developing Characters
by Jeff Glovsky

Compendium: finished & published from
"Underwear Woman Digs The Sea"

Ripe, Delicious

(unfinished, 2004)

I like to think about ‘delicious’…

Taste her squirming, nighttime, on that park bench, midtown Broadway.  Like her spice sweet happy smile, bright young laughing, birdlike eyes and hair all wild, like a porno morning after, or a teenager.

She’s 21.  I like her like I’ve never felt before…We like communicating.  That’s delicious…

More than just three fingers and a blowjob, more than lust and wanting…Long to spend soft time with sweet Melissa, not just in her.

And it’s mutual!  She’ll follow me…Blow hot, then cold, as is the tragic wont of her lost generation.  Always come around, though, still my friend (then lust and wanting!).

How’d things get this way?  She get so cool?  Outgrow the pudgy schoolgirl I was not around to get to know (or likely, make a fool of)?

How’d she meet The Cock…?  Come face to mouth…Develop her Technique, refine her Methods?  Find that woman‘s laugh:  hot, playing, knowful, curious…The soul of some screen actress from the ’70s…

I’m Mr. Goodbar.  Look at what we’ve found not looking…

I was twelve, she wasn’t born yet (fifteen either, come to think!)…Then I was her age, twenty-one, and she was six.  Or seven…not too great in Math…

But she was!  Learning ordinals I’d met in other decades…


I like to think about Melissa

Apple ripe and bursting wide tight seams, once secret places…and I’ve tasted.  Like the greatest hearts and tongues of her g-generation…

I’m The Who.  She’s heard of Paul McCartney once, or maybe…She’s a baby!

My grey nose hairs twitch.

Now catch her stretching languidly, one leg up, porno morning hair like glass, cascading blown out, past slim shoulders, down soft nape and back…I realize I will not possess her.

Never fully come to know her hours…how she’ll spend each day.  Each night.

Each growing decade.

How I’m here for her!  Vice versa.  Like two ships crashing down round the tip of an iceberg; meeting by chance in a hot summer rain, neither having umbrellas…Sharing some pain, laughter, loneliness…Nuns at a conjugal supper.

…Not sure what that means, but sounds ‘delicious’…Kinda sexy.  Empty.  Enigmatic.  Praying for more, or at least the same…

I love!

To think about ‘Delicious’…


©2004 by Jeff Glovsky

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