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aka Half-Baked Erotic Symphony

Doing Being (1996)

Ode to a New York that no longer exists.  Gritty still, but cleaning up and pissing me off.  In an un-“social” city before even email, “I” mattered more than it ever will now …



Amsterdam Avenue, holy midnight…Walking fast.  Alone…


Grey sky and spirits seeping as she tells me it’s “forever”.  Again and over, over pounds the Lie, confounds, astounding she could look me in the eye…the face.  The mouth.  The cock.  “I want to have your babies!


Dark in each and every way; head resounding with The Lie, full heart and stomach sick and dead…No, don’t believe.  Not ever…No!

Completely free up Amsterdam, in holy midnight sleep sex hour.

…Blacks with ghetto blasting cross the wary street to join me.  So I stop, and start to cross myself…Then chide and ride myself for being scared, for being white, for being silly, being wrong

And then I’m knocked down, rolled and left to cry, in piss wet grey of holy midnight.

* * *

Better now (it’s morning), but the weight and hell of Lie don’t stop.  No, “I can make you so damn glad!

It’s Tuesday, 10:15am…What job to go, to do all day?  Resumés – Too many in the past too many each weeks.  Yet the phone’s as sick and dead as soul.  Now she won’t call…

It’s ringing now!  I let it.  Three and four and five, six times; all breathing deep and marveling and savoring the foreign strain!  With latent conversations bounding through my brain (still pounding)…End to silence, sweet communion, end to loneliness for now.  “Hello?!”

…Brief nothing, then a click.

Then muteness from a dial tone.

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by Jeff Glovsky

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