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Central Park (1993)

‘And then, like Maude back then, came Dal…’.  Written in the twilit night of my youth, it’s a love story shout-out to that one (name of Freedom) who got away …


On a German train to meet Odile…Pockets full of empty:  there’s a five dollar bill and 12 Deutschmarks, and just enough French bread to wipe my ass (crisp, great sheets of toilet paper).

Looks like McFish® for mcdinner tonight.

Going to “wisit” a friend of O’s in jail.  Not sure where (or why), exactly.  The German train is bound for Duisberg…

“Why do you kill and rob?” I ask.   “Just curious.”

“He doesn’t like it!”

“What do you think of Hitler?” I continue.

“Was t’ink I of him?”

“Ganau,” Odile confirms.  “Exactly.”

“He’s dead, isn’t he?”

They laugh.

I try again, “Do you hate Turks?”

“I hate Americans more,” he states.

The wisit goes downhill from there.  Odile drives me back and tries to voice where Karl Marx comes from.  “You speak like him,” she says.

“I do?”

“Have you read anything of him?”  I tell her I watched Horsefeathers.  “This is not the same!”

“Oh, no…?”

Duck Soup is anyway much better.  No, you must to read more subjects.  Have you been to high school?”

“High school!?”

“…College?  University?”

“Of course!  Of course I’ve been to high school!”

“Have you studied more, beyond…?”

“Yeah.  Never finished college though.”

“So!  Warum?  Why?  Have not you finished?”

“I never liked the food,” say I.  “American cafeteria food is heinous.  Dog or corporate food!  It’s overpriced, first off, and it’s more often than not grease-soaked and wrong…You sorta wanna kiss me, don’t you?”

Nein!  Du spinnst,” she squeals, as she feels me near the Rudolfplatz…Pumps, dumps me, then I walk back toward our hotel in the Cologne rain.

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by Jeff Glovsky

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