(Unfinished) Business, by Jeff Glovsky, on Reputation, Writing

What’s In a Name?

I have nothing but respect for Monica Lewinsky.

The Fall of Jeff Glovsky . . .

In 2010, my name and reputation were destroyed … maliciously, I’ll maintain.  Needlessly.  Prematurely.  Criminally.

“Jeff Glovsky” Sucks

* * *

(W)hatever I can do from my small, sad platform here … my blogosphere soapbox … I will do, tirelessly, to encourage others to think:  before bullying and becoming irrational.

THINK.  Before destroying potential.

THINK.  Before publicly branding, defaming.


Before anyone else gets hurt.

My Greatest Hits

* * *

I have lost.  Copiously, tangibly:  employment.  Opportunities.  Income and earning power.  I exist as I can, in a world of estrangement:  from friends.  Family.  Marriage.  Potential relationships.  Normal, everyday whole life functioning …

I haven’t googled myself in years!

The Name Jeff Glovsky

* * *

When my name and reputation were destroyed in 2010, piece by piece my…existence also fell apart.

Identity Crisis

* * *

You don’t announce “crime”, “scam” and “fraud” when there are none.  You don’t  put two and two together to get five.  It’s not “Freedom of Speech” and no, you don’t have any “rights”:  to attack or defame, and destroy my name and associated livelihood(s) any more than they have already been attacked and destroyed.

AFTERMATH: “Crime”, “Fraud” … Delusion

* * *

You’re WRONG if you believe everything you read.  At best, you’re getting only half the story and at worst, you’re party to DESTRUCTION caused and the DAMAGES inflicted…

Beware!  Jeff Glovsky

* * *

Patently false and 100% Defamatory.

Here’s a FACT:  There is No “Scam”
Jeff Glovsky INK:  More Unfinished Business

… what you say, about Jeff Glovsky