by Jeff Glovsky, Poetry, Writing

Doodlin’ the New Year

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This Happy Nu Year

* * *

I’ll start it!  I’ll start the dance!

… then you come in with a line or two and we keep it going:  I’ll choose three (3) lines from your submissions to my three (3) poetry doodles below, in January.

At the end of January, I’ll post the nine (9) lines that I select … your best lines, which best seem to flow and complement each set of my words, my lines, below … and then you can vote to help us build …

(y)our new poems.

Alles klar?  Alles gute!

doodle, doodle #1)

certitudes, loud ‘certainties’,

across love covered, self-righteous

breakfast tables

what’s the next line, Jaspar?


I’ve woke up broke


but not broken

… Yo!  help me out, yo


In the slice knife that is

A.M., I cut through

to get my things done

Where am I?  Anyway?

* * *

Send me your orphans — your left lines and Good Ones — or new lines and images you conjure, to complement my three (3) poetical doodlings, above …


Always be a poet, even in prose.

– Charles Baudelaire

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